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Mohamed Morsi is the President of Egypt: Pictures and Video from Tahrir Square

Today Egypt’s Election Commission announced that Mohamed Morsi won 51.7% of the vote against Ahmed Shafiq, making him the country’s first elected President since the January 25th Revolution last year. The following pictures were taken on Qasr Al-Nil Bridge, and Tahrir Square during the subsequent celebrations.

Fireworks go off as supporters of Mohamed Morsi gather by the tens of thousands in Tahrir Square, where the Egyptian Revolution began close to 18 months ago.

Two men smile as they wave flags during the afternoon’s celebration.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour prepares for a segment on Qasr Al-Nil Bridge.

A Morsi supporter holds up a sign celebrating his victory of the Presidential “seat” while mocking Ahmed Shafiq, his opponent and former Mubarak regime official.

Men, women, and entire families ride into Tahrir on their motorcycles.

A family rides into Tahrir Square.

Three boys stand and chant on top of their motorcycles in Tahrir Square.

A man juggles a soccer ball unto his back while crowds cheer as they enter Tahrir Square.

As traffic on Qasr Al-Nil Bridge stayed at a standstill, supporters of Mohamed Morsi danced on top of their cars.

A man waves the peace/victory sign in front of crowds in Tahrir Square.

Crowds chant slogans in solidarity with Mohamed Morsi, and in solidarity with the continuing Egyptian Revolution.

Photos: Qasr Al-Nil Bridge, Tahrir Square – ┬áCairo, June 24 2012