An Evening in Hadayek El Maadi

This entry is part of a series of posts examining life off of Cairo’s various Metro stops.  For this entry, I spent an evening walking around the Hadayek El Maadi “Gardens of Maadi” neighborhood.

The Maadi area of Cairo lies a few kilometres south of the heart of downtown, on the eastern bank of the Nile.  While broadly speaking it is a wealthy, more residential part of the city, a wide range of social classes and cultures can be found among its many pockets.  Such is this case with Hadayek El Maadi, the working class neighborhood that is the first of the Maadi metro stations coming from downtown.

A couple of nights before Mawlid, a Muslim holiday celebrating the prophet’s birthday, commercial avenues were a little busier than usual.  Local bakeries were covered with decorations, comprised of dolls and tapestries not far from what one might think of as “winter wonderland” motif.

Most storefronts on the main commercial street in Hadayek, Hassanein Desouky Street, were a mix of cafes, produce markets, barbers, juice shops, and eateries.  The smell of freshly grilled chicken and kofta wafted through the air.  In one particular fuul and tameyya shop, there was a plate of freshly fried cauliflower (see above).  Served up by a friendly chef named Mohammed – who was chopping eggplant with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth for most of my visit – this snack alone could definitely inspire another visit to the area.

Check out the rest of the photos from the evening below.

Photos: Hadayek El Maadi, Cairo

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