March for Maikel Nabil – December 29

On Wednesday, December 14, 26-year-old activist Maikel Nabil was sentenced to a two-year prison sentence for criticizing the military.  Tonight, his supporters organized a march in Downtown Cairo, from Tahrir Square to the High Court.

Video: To begin the rally, a few hundred protestors marched around Tahrir Square, holding banners and chanting slogans in support of Nabil, while traffic continued around them.

Videos: The march continued down Talaat Harb Street as more and more protestors continually join the rally.

Video: The rally reached its destination, the High Court, about an hour after the march began.  The main banners were brought up to the steps of the courthouse, and protest leaders led the crowd in more chanting.  At the same time, and in one of the more creative uses of technology yet seen during the Egyptian Revolution, videos of the recent Occupy Cabinet clashes near the Ministry of Interior were projected unto the side of the courthouse.

Photos: Downtown, Cairo – December 29.  Supporters of Maikel Nabil march from Tahrir Square to the High Court; Protestors set up in front of the High Court’s entrance; Videos are projected on the High Court’s exterior.

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